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In Particulates ESS
The Oath
CanyonLands installation (SLC)
Privacy Suit
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Fabric Eccomerce
Juicy Couture
Lore One
Tik Tok for Business
Ursa Major

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Jackson is a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Concept Director, and Producer. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through the investigation of human ecologies. Utilizing design thinking and grounded research, he informs his decisions in a derivative language of design.


From sonics studio.

The Oath is a digital product recording and archiving the promises you give and receive. By placing one’s hand on the device and stating your indent, the system records your voice and visualizes the oath, processing a unique data-etch of your pledge.

The system incorporates into the affirmation by enhancing the interface between the object and the hand to highlight the tactical connection to the sworn piece.


My leap of faith is that in the future secular society will continue to feel disconnected to a higher moral code with the dissolution of traditional stories of gods and religion. Why do we still swear on the bible when giving an oath of office? The future of oath-taking will position the individuals promise against the new empirical religion — data. 

The project will create a system that archives, in digital sensor data, the exact moment a hand is placed on the interface on which the affirmation is made. My work up to this point has been in learning the workings of a capacitive touch sensor that reads when a hand is placed and calculates the amount of returned electricity from the human body.
The digital archiving system will archive, analyze, and organize each of the promises made on the device.

Speculative design

This project does not exist in the consumer market and is not intended to at this time. The freedom to challenge large problems such as the large-scale agreement of nations and citizens is found when using this speculative model. I will create this project using my technical understanding of digital product design in a more traditional and methodical way, and thus, the abstract and large problem will be distilled into the methods of digital product and UI. The balance of “real” implementation for “un-real” solutions creates a solid platform for discussion. 

To detect is to transform, to transform is to feel pain
- Forensic Architecture

Capacitive Touch Visualization made using MaxMSP and ArduinoCapacitive Touch Visualization made using MaxMSP and Arduino