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Jackson is a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Concept Director, and Producer. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through the investigation of human ecologies. Utilizing design thinking and grounded research, he informs his decisions in a derivative language of design.



PRODUCT / 2018
From University of Utah Travel Studio

The Process of travel is one of communal and ritualistic action. However unlike most communal experiences like eating at a restaurant or seeing a concert, travel processes are rarely celebrated by the collective. Traveling is a process that offers a rare situation in which we are surround by strangers in unusually close proximity for long periods of time.

When traveling, the easiest way to experience the journey is often found within separating ourselves from the process itself. We put in our headphones and escape are current reality or lay back and try to sleep away some time.

Through this project I aimed to reside within this close proximity with strangers asking what constitutes Private vs. Public space. Changing perceptions of the space is often easier than changing the actual space.

In order to facilitate a highly emotional experience, Hyper-extension of the experience through product design offers an opportunity to test comfort zones or allow the user to question how things are normally done. The individual recognizes a change in habit or behavior. Through this process I hope to use this method as the way to bring individualism and questions of social challenges to the physical experience of traveling.


The traveler is contained and pushed through travel processes with only intimate space intact. This forces the participate into discomfort and vulnerability.

What are the physical dimensions of privacy and comfort? In order to answer this question, measurements were taken on orthographic views. The positions were based on common resting through travel by using steps of a building & a park bench.

Physical solutions to advocating a personal space wearable. At this point in the process I begin to question what is more effective? The reaction to the experience or the protest of the experience?

The Privacy Suit is the physical manifestation of intimate space through travel. The user owns announces more space surrounding the body and can cover or uncover their identity when the situation calls for each. The material was chosen based on studies of precedents in what is most comfortable and visually calming to the wearer.