Jackson Kerbs Interactive Design


Featured Projects ︎

  1. Bellwether coffee

  2. Obsidian by Badg

  3. The Inframent

  4. Data Health

  5. Age of fog

  6. Design week

Explorations ︎︎︎

  1. In Particulates ESS (Chicago)
  2. The Oath
  3. Eavesdropping
  4. CanyonLands installation (SLC)
  5. Prototyping_JAW
  6. Privacy Suit
  7. Surplus of Potential Situation
  8. sensing.media

Biography ︎

Jackson is a multi-disciplinary designer working in product and experience design. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through investigation of technology, human ecologies, and the translation of data.

He utilizes design thinking + grounded research to derive digital language, dissolve a traditional discipline, and open up his field of view to areas of interdisciplinary design. He utilizes research methods, human-centered systems, and investigative design practice.


Jackson Kerbs Is a multi-disciplinary designer working in experimental product design and experience. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through technology, culture, and translation of data through our ecosystem.He answers questions any way they need to be answered — physically, technologically, digitally, or (usually) a combination. His research frames questions in the systems around them, which fill space until the solutions are presented. If a new skill is required, it is acquired without hesitation.

With the rise of available digital tools, the gaps between product design and desired experiences are closing in on another as the tool becomes as important as the desired outcome. Experience-based, culturally-sustainable design expresses itself as a product with multiple touch-points: the site, the interaction, the history, and the visitor’s perspective

Respecting the saturation of human experience.

📧 jacksonkerbs.work@gmail.com 📱 801.920.8468 


  1. Generalist — The core principles of design are immovable even in the broadest of contexts.
  2. Translator — A way for use to communicate without words.
  3. Naive-set —Inverse relationship between the quality of the idea and the amount of business resource to produce.


2020  Bachelor of Science (Multi-Disciplinary Design), University of Utah, College of Architecture + Planning, Salt Lake City, Utah

2018  General Associates Degree (Journalism, Web Design Emphasis), Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah


Designer, Thinkingbox

Designer, HooKooEKoo

2019-2020    Teaching Assistant, University of Utah, College of Architecture + Planning, Multi-Diciplinary Design

Interaction + Digital Designer, Modern8

Director of Communication, AIGA SLC, Salt Lake City, UT

Graphic Designer, University Of Utah Alumni Association 



2019    Student Innovation at the U, Lassonde Studios, SLC, UT

2017    Shotgun Film-Festival, Diabolical Records, Salt Lake City, UT


2021  Product Design Award, Multi-disciplinary Design, Senior Awards

2020  Community Choice Award Winner, Built Environment, Core77 Design Awards

2020  North American Congress for Conservation Biology, selected abstract and speed talk Denver, CO

2018  Student Copper Ingot, AIGA 100 Show, Salt Lake City, UT

2017  Folio, SLCC Journal, Salt Lake City, UT

2017  2nd place National Web Design Competition, Skills USA, Louisville, KY


2018, 2019    Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, Salt Lake City, UT

2018    National AIGA Leadership Retreat, Baltimore, MD

2020    North American Congress for Conservation Biology selected abstract and speed talk, NACCB 2020, Denver, CO