Jackson Kerbs Interactive Design


Projects ︎

  1. Obsidian by Badg

  2. The Inframent

  3. Data Health

  4. Eavesdropping

  5. Design Week

  6. the oath

Explorations ︎︎︎

  1. Age of Fog
  2. In Particulates ESS (Chicago)
  3. CanyonLands installation (SLC)
  4. Prototyping_JAW
  5. Privacy Suit
  6. Surplus of Potential Situation
  7. sensing.media

Biography ︎

Jackson is a multi-disciplinary designer working in product and experience design. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through investigation of technology, human ecologies, and the translation of data.

He utilizes design thinking + grounded research to derive digital language, dissolve a traditional discipline, and open up his field of view to areas of interdisciplinary design. He utilizes research methods, human-centered systems, and investigative design practice.



PRODUCT / 2020
With youngdata.clubmatthew hansen


Concrete | Clear Epoxy Resin | 120GB Solid State Drive

The concept explores personal data as hard-memory. Store your momentary information in a 25lb occipital lobe. That last voicemail of your ex you must’ve missed during your cathartic cleanse, the snow through the streetlight on the corner when you felt untouchable, the color of the clouds the day you felt in-love again, sketches of the dream you had that stuck around.

View product page at youngdata.club/Age-of-Fog