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Jackson is a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Concept Director, and Producer. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through the investigation of human ecologies. Utilizing design thinking and grounded research, he informs his decisions in a derivative language of design.


Bellwether Coffee Roaster
Interface Design

Research, Product Design, Interface / 2021

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Role: Interface Concept Designer
Collaboration with HooKooEKoo
Client: Bellwether Coffee Roasters

Project Description

Bellwether Coffee Roaster’s contracted us to research, design, and develop and new interface for the Bellwether Series 2, a zero-emission, small business focused, compact roaster. This roaster follows up the series one with a new 24 inch screen and updated components to enhance the consumer roasting experience.


After reviewing the product research it was clear that the interface must communicate quickly where the beans are in the system and how long they will be there. This information was vital for the roaster to stay on schedule if using this machine for back to back roasts. The machine also had to show a visual status to users from across the room, behind the counter sometimes. These use cases added parameters to our design discovery.

Design Principles:
  1. You are here: Provide situational awareness at all times
  2. Play the hits, stay for deep tracks: Most people just want a play button, but be clear when things get advanced 
  3. Don’t make me reach:  Tall and high screens — keep controls down low
  4. Universal understanding:  Use symbology and color to make the machine accessible

Our Information Layout guidelines0
Our Information Layout guidelines

The image above shows our information layout after multiple user tests into the use of the 24inch touch screen. We reserved the top portion for machine status showing users what the current state of the roasting process is from across the room. We decided to keep the navigation elements to the right side of the screen to prevent a hand from covering vital info when making selections. 

Roast Profiles

One added feature to the new interface is the ability to select and edit Roast profiles based on custom or templated roast settings.

Roast Profile cards

Visual exploration

We explored a multitude of visual strategies for visualizing the beans moving through the machine and ultimately landed on soft focuses of positive space to indicate where there are beans in the system.

For a more detailed dive into the new Bellwether Coffee Roaster visit: bellwethercoffee.com