Jackson Kerbs Interactive Design

Projects ︎

The Inframent

Data Health

Age of fog

Design week


Explorations ︎︎︎

Obsidian by BADG
In Particulates ESS
The Oath
CanyonLands installation (SLC)
Privacy Suit
Surplus of Potential Situation

Client work ︎

Fabric Eccomerce
Juicy Couture
Lore One
Tik Tok for Business
Ursa Major

Biography ︎

Jackson is a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Concept Director, and Producer. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through the investigation of human ecologies. Utilizing design thinking and grounded research, he informs his decisions in a derivative language of design.


In Particulates

SOUND / 2021
From Experiemental Sound Studio Chicago

Event Description:
A series of performances in response to the built and natural environment. Initiated with the Digital Matters Grant for Exhibition and Performance support, the night will present a series of works by artists that reflect or amplify their immediate surroundings. Each artist was asked to create an aural terrain from their surrounding landscape or environment. The night will involve site-specific pieces from Utah, Qatar, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Performance Line-Up

7:00pm CT - Jackson Kerbs and David Onwukeme (Utah)
7:15pm - Nora Price (Utah) 7:15
7:30pm - Guillaume Rouseré (Qatar)
7:45pm - Yu Nong Ling (Taiwan)
8:00pm - Milad Mozari and Mitsu Salmon (Utah)
8:30pm - Ji Park (South Korea)