Jackson Kerbs Interactive Design


Projects ︎

  1. Obsidian by Badg

  2. The Inframent

  3. Data Health

  4. Age of fog


  6. The oath

  7. Design Week

  8. Privacy Suit

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Explorations ︎︎︎

  1. In Particulates ESS (Chicago)
  2. CanyonLands installation (SLC)
  3. Prototyping_JAW


Jackson is a multi-disciplinary designer working in product and experience design. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through investigation of technology, human ecologies, and the translation of data.

He utilizes design thinking + grounded research to derive digital language, dissolve a traditional discipline, and open up his field of view to areas of interdisciplinary design. He utilizes research methods, human-centered systems, and investigative design practice.


MISC Videos:

My new remote working setup.

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