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Obsidian by BADG
In Particulates ESS
The Oath
CanyonLands installation (SLC)
Privacy Suit
Surplus of Potential Situation

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Fabric Eccomerce
Juicy Couture
Lore One
Tik Tok for Business
Ursa Major

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Jackson is a Multi-disciplinary Designer, Concept Director, and Producer. His interests lie in the hidden truths that can be revealed through the investigation of human ecologies. Utilizing design thinking and grounded research, he informs his decisions in a derivative language of design.


Surplus of POtential

Situation / 2018


In a city there is a certain “Surplus of Potential” within individual interactions with the inhabitants, the physical environment, and how we choose to participate in our own social environment. An urban environment offers this potential through elements of uncontrollability, surprise, and opportunity. When we live in a city, all of these characteristics create an environment that we are not able to understand all at once, so we begin to slowly familiarize ourselves with our surroundings. Through these discoveries we begin to create our personal identity in relation to our environment.

Define the relationship between self and environment based on the “Surplus of Potential” offered by an urban city. How do familiar walking paths introduce us to our surroundings and create a personal milieu or identity?

The User must have a desire to understand and interact and familiarize themselves with their environment. As the designer, it is important to me that the User discovers something about themselves through the experience. A sense of optimism and wonder is important to me. A guarantee of safety may be infeasible because the urban environment may be unpredictable by definition.

Walking as the primary method of navigation.

The Surplus of Potential from Jackson Kerbs on Vimeo.

The means of accessing the experience. After documenting my experience in my city environment I again checked against my brief and decided the final piece of this project was a way for others to contribute their own story. My research in place-making explains the importance of collaboration when creating meaningful spaces.  I decided to find this collaboration through offering an invitation to contribute.  This invitation was actualized through multiple print and graphic material as well as an opportunity to upload documentation to a bi-annual online curation of experiences.